August 27, 2016

Top Five pokies Websites

Pokies are most played Australian game on slot machines. Nowadays people are playing this game all around the world online. When you play online, everything you need to do is decide how much money you want to putt on your pokies account and fun can start. It is one of those games where you don’t need to worry about rules. Every online casino has a section for pokies rules that you can read with understanding. You can play pokies mostly on Australian casinos websites, now let me present to you five most popular of them.

Royal Vegas Casino

We highly recommend you to play pokies online on this one. Mostly because you can win series of bonuses of your first three deposits as a new player, 1st deposit 100% up to $250, 2nd 25% up to $200 and 3rd 50% up to $750. They have seven convenient deposit options including Visa and MasterCard.

You can play over 450 pokies on Royal Vegas, and every pokies have some story and extra bonus.

All Slots Australian Casino

all-slots-casino-tableLike first one, All Slots Australian Casino is on of biggest web casino in Australia. The reason why they are different than others is that they are easy to use, and action that you perform are transparent. The important thing is that this site offers you all slots flash practice game before you sign up, so you can see how pokies work without spending any money.

Guts Online Pokies


I prefer them because of a good interface, and even before you start to play you can cash in rewards and get some special offers. When you sign up, you are getting 300 AUD in chips over your first three deposits, also free 100 spins on the Starburst pokies games. What is practical on “Guts” is that you don’t need to install any application, you can play directly on your browser. So the only thing you need is flash or java which every computer have installed before.

Jackpot City Casino

jackpotcity2The great reputation follows them, one of the reasons is Microgaming software. If you played Gold series blackjack and roulette, you know what we are talking about when we mention their reputation. They have more than 300 pokies games including Mega Moolah known as “millionaire maker”. Nickname tells you everything; Mega Moolah has a worldwide reputation for multi-million payouts. It’s important to mention that Jackpot City is all about the traditional casino, with live dealers, and even chat function that you can directly chat with dealers and other players.

7 Sultans Online Casino

They are oriented mostly on pokies games, which is why I put them on this list. When you open an account on 7Sultans, you have benefits in series of bonuses $500 that you can claim over five deposits or claim all in one go. They also have Vip Rewards Program, which gives you points. On slots, you gain a point for every dollar you bet, when you build up points you can trade them for cash, 1000 points are 1$.

I hope that you liked our reviews and that you will find them useful.


August 27, 2016

Win a jackpot and never work again

   Yes, you can win a jackpot, which is not a fairytale. You can win it without making even a single step out of your house. How to do this, and what to expect are the subjects of this short text.

    Aiming at fixed wins is good because you know what to expect, but the better option is to go for a progressive pokies jackpot. If you don’t know what this means, then you found the right place to find everything about it. The progressive in the name means that the amount of money you can continually win increases. As more money goes into the game, the premium of the bonus increases. A small percentage of every spin is redirected into this one big prize.

casino-jackpot   To win this jackpot, you will have to invest quite a lot of money. You will have to play at the maximum stakes with a maximum number of paylines to gain a chance to win it. This seems hard because it is hard. If you want to earn a smaller amount of cash then you will play with lower stakes, and you won’t think about a big prize. Only people who have money and the guts to face the risk and invest money will gain a chance to win a prize as big as the progressive pokies jackpot.

    When we talk about big bonuses and jackpots, we have to talk about the differences between the same. The easiest way to speak of this is to classify these bonuses according to types of pokies that use them.

   Classic pokies that have only three reels offer tiny jackpot. In most cases, the money in it is collected from a single game (or from two or three games). No other bonuses exist in the game, so the jackpot is the only way to earn a bit larger amount of money.

big-top    Pokies with more reels have more bonuses. The biggest prize is the jackpot, and it is filled with dozens of machines. You don’t have to win it to get rich because many other bonuses offer lucrative prizes. Aiming at a smaller reward is sometimes better than wasting money to hit the top prize. But if you want to become famous, get mentioned on the TV and all social networks then you need to hit it big.

    Playing with a maximum wager and on the highest number of paylines is the most common way to hit the big jackpot. But before you start doing that, be sure to check actual requirements on the game you play. Some pokies have different condition forms, and you may waste money by not knowing them.


    Some pokies require fulfillment of certain criteria before you can even get a chance to win the jackpot. Try to avoid that type of requirements because they are, in most cases, almost impossible to reach.

   The best possible way to win a jackpot is to find pokies game that only requires the maximum paylines as the prerequisite for the big prize.

August 27, 2016

Pokies the way of smart entertainment

You can call them slot machines, puggy one, poker or simply pokies but you can’t ignore it we are surrounded by these kinds of games and the internet is flooded with all versions of the very popular so-called pokies. There are a lot of reasons why it is so. First of all, this is a very interesting and fast way to earn money, and its best part is you can do it whenever you want it.Online pokies are the one for you.

39447-enzA long time in the past for this kind of entertainment you had to go to places where this is allowed or to hide in some scheduled hidden apartment, nowadays you are allowed to play it in the public transport with the person that you don’t know at all in person. The Internet connects people from all over the world, and you are able of gamble with somebody from China, that you haven’t seen the eyes of that person ever in your life. Therefore, pokies are one of the most important innovation in the world of gambling since casino has been made. This casino revolution speeds up the development of the casinos, only because the fact that they are no available to a larger group of people.

The only thing you need to have is a good Wi-Fi, and you are good to go. You can play it whenever you are ready for it and wherever you want to play it. It is the best way to play while you are waiting for somebody, you can play it to spare some time and maybe to earn some money at the same time. It is very simple, and even a child could play it. Three reels and your will is enough for the start. With these three reels, you have a great chance to win.

Some people things it is a waste of money. Others think that it is a way of saving.  How is that possible? If you are playing very often, your chances to win are bigger, and you will certainly win from time to time. The amount is never the small, especially the jackpot. This way you will recover all the money that you have invested.

onlinepokiegamesThe funny thing about pokies is the fact that nobody will sue you even if you are practically gambling. Only because you are doing this on the internet and cyber police are not well developed especially in less developed countries, and you can play it as much as you like. Let’s be realistic how many people visit Las Vegas in their lifetime. Not even a half of them. Thanks to pokies you can feel the thrill of the playing with your luck for a very small amount of money. You can enjoy it whenever you are. With bonuses, you will see how easy is to gain with just only three reels. No matter how skeptic you are you will be reassured after just one play.


August 27, 2016

Online pokies myths exposed

Pokies machines have been around for more than a century, and it is one of the most popular casino games all over the world. You cannot only find pokies machines in casinos, but they are often placed even inside bars, pubs and hotels. Today, it is also very popular to play online pokies, both on the Internet and on mobile devices.

elvis-the-king-208x300With such a long history and billions of players across the globe, it is no wonder that plenty of myths are connected with pokies. Even though most of them sound very unlikely, many people still have hopes that they are true. If you play pokies and believe in some these myths, it can put you in danger of losing much more money than you planned. In order to avoid frustration and unnecessary loss of money, we bring you some of the common misconceptions about pokies you should definitely consider false.

1. The odds for winning increase if no one won jackpot for a while – the first thing to remember about pokies is that the slot machine has no memory. Pokies machines use random number generators, and the position of the symbols in each game is determined from scratch. Every game is independent from the previous and from the following one, no matter how much you play.


2. The higher the bet, the higher the odds – this is a very common misconception among pokies players. The truth is that the odds are not determined by the amount of deposit, but by the number of symbols and reels. It is math and statistics that determines the odds, and not the amount of money you deposit.

3. Payout percentage changes every day – reputable casinos, both online and land-based, have clearly determined payout percentage for their games. If it wasn’t the case, they would be proclaimed illegal and shut down with great consequences for the owners. Therefore, if the payout percentage is stated in the policy of the online casino, there is no chance for it to change without noticing the players.

video-pokies4. You can trick pokies machine – think about this: would there be so many pokies machines all over the world and on the Internet if there were a chance of tricking them? It would not be profitable for the casinos to offer this type of game if it were possible to cheat. If you get an offer for a system that can trick a pokies machine, make sure to avoid it, because it is nothing but scam.

5. There is a time of day when you are more likely to win – just like in the first myth, there is no way for pokies machine to remember the time of day and the number of players over 24 hours. Each spin is independent of the previous and the next, no matter the time of day and the number of players playing the same pokies game at the same time.

6. You can determine the position of symbols before pulling the lever – thanks to the previously mentioned random number generator, the future position of the reels does not depend on the current one. Thus, do not try to calculate the position of the reels you will get, because you are not likely to guess.

August 27, 2016

How to win pokie games

If we knew the secret method to keep winning pokie game, we certainly would not tell everyone about it, don’t you agree? Well, the simple truth is that there is no method or strategy a player can use to keep winning pokies games. This is due to a simple fact that all the pokie games are set up to be random, and a specially designed software takes care to keep the whole gaming process random, but also that the house (pub or club or the casino) makes a profit in the long run.

Pokie games, whether classic slot machines in traditional casinos or modern online pokies are all set up the same basic way. They all bring profit to their owner, and the player can expect a win only by a game of chance.  The conclusion is that a pokie machine is an entertainment platform, designed to bring joy and a little bit of thrill to the player. The possibility of winning the game is much, much smaller than the possibility to lose the game and the longer you choose to continue playing, the less chance of winning you will have.

Understanding all of this, we can provide several guidelines so that junior players do not get caught up in the game and lose a lot of money while playing, giving a basic chance to win a little bit of the promised rewards in the short term.


The basic tips always start with sensible budget. The main goal is to set a budget you are willing to stick to before you start playing and never use the money you intended for more important things (paying your rent or your bills, for example) on playing. One of the most common misconceptions is that betting higher and higher bets the longer you will bring success. Never increase your bets while losing because you will only end up with an empty wallet. It is much wiser to leave once you depleted your budget and came back some other day, so you never run after your losses. A wise plan is to set a time limit as well.

Furthermore, winning is an option, of course, but in the case you won, do not keep playing because you are bound to spend it quickly. Simply walk away and keep your profits. Also, before you walk into a casino or enter and online casino website, learn about the perks the casino offers and the maximum possible payouts. Research shows that online playing gives you a better percentage of winning compared to traditional casinos. Joining various loyalty and VIP programs casinos have to offer can also be a good strategy because of the perks included.

In the end, just like we mentioned above, pokies are a game of chance, intended to be a fun pass time and to provide a little bit of thrill with the promise of a large amount of money as a possible reward. Treat it like that and you will stay out of financial trouble.

August 27, 2016

Best Android Casino Games

The best experience you’ll be able to get from casino games like poker, black jack or a machine is from casinos. However, if you’re not that kind of player who likes inhabited places and prefers the calming atmosphere of his home instead of overcrowded places you’ll notice that on-line pokies are currently on the market for Android phones too! Now you’ll be able to take a look and test your skills and your luck wherever you play on your phone. Allegedly checking your email at work whereas you truly play pokies has ne’er been easier.

How to start?

android-gamesBefore you can begin enjoying Android pokies, you’ll have to download and install the app from Android market. And after you install it, you’ll be able to proceed to make your account. This account acts as the association between your finance and your casino profile. Once you complete the registration, you’ll be able to begin gambling. One issue concerning enjoying pokies online that you simply ought to bear in mind is that you can’t depend solely on your luck. Implementing ways to your way of playing will generally be useful to your win/loss quantitative relation.

Useful Tips.

To play like a real professional player, you can’t invariably play safe bets. You will want to maneuver the current list by putting risky bets and following a raise once nobody expects you to try and do thus. This confuses alternative players and changes their perception of your cards within the deck. Once you begin losing or your luck simply doesn’t appear to do the magic leave that table and move to consequent one. Don’t stay on losing tables; this may solely drain your budget making you penniless. Another helpful recommendation concerning enjoying poker online is to avoid tables that have a minimum-wager sporting system. These tables won’t get you a great deal of fame, and you’ll will loose from low ranking players and that has an effect on your standing as a prime player.

Beginner tips.

Usually, once you begin enjoying pokies online on your phone or on your desktop, you don’t wish to pay a great deal of cash. The most effective issue for rookiesandroidcasino-300x164 in online puggy is to play and bet safely. While leaving any space for failure to happen, each step that you build once you play ought to be calculated. Avoid fiddling with high-level pro players, gaining fame by winning a hand against them may cause you to fashionable and increase your rank, but this won’t happen at every turn. In most cases, pro players can use their money advantage and bluff their way out thanks to the conclusion that by raising bets that your finance merely doesn’t permit. Continue enjoying low-level tables with players that have less expertise and you’ll be able to notice this by checking what quantity of cash they poses within the bank. These tables area excellent for your safe bets and though you don’t win every time your progress is slow and positive.

So go ahead and visit Android market to transfer pokies on your phone to play anytime you want.

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